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Its our core believe here at Barry Wonder International that the greatest tool to transformation will be us harnessing our individual resources but this can only be made possible when we have the right information at our disposal.

Information is the seed for transformation, hence the writer of the book of Romans informed us in the twelveth chapter and the second verse that the way  not to be conformed to the world is to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

It with this intent of seeing you transform into the best version of yourself we’ve made all these resources available at your disposal, some are totally free, others are for a token. Some of the content are that of others speakers and teachers and we ensure we have authorization to share them, while others are novel.


The variety of training courses we offer at BW Training and Consulting includes the following;

1. Personal Leadership and character Development.
2. Personal effectiveness.
3. Team work/team building.
4. Effective communication skills.
5. Leadership and management.
6. Strategic planning and goal-setting.
7. Emotional intelligence.
8. Customer and Service Delivery.
9. Time management
10. Corporate Writing.
11. Digital Marketing
12. Sales and marketing.


The following audio are recommended for your personal growth and development:

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